Crime Gun Intelligence Center

Violent Crime

SIAC Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC) Analysis

The SIAC CGIC Analysts work with federal, state, and local investigators to analyze and assess available information to provide actionable intelligence. Analysts collect information from National Integrated Information Network (NIBIN), firearms tracing, and police reports for respective hits and leads to create intelligence reports that contain key findings.

The reports that are produced include maps, link charts, and person/suspect profiles. Their work continues throughout the course of a case and provides higher-level intelligence analysis to investigators.

Chart illustrating the CGIC workflow


The Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC)

The CGIC uses NIBIN Technology, Crime Gun Tracing, and Law Enforcement partnerships to identify shooters, disrupt criminal activity, and prevent future violence.

National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN)

NIBIN is a database system that captures, stores, and correlates digital images of spent cartridge casings recovered from crime scenes and test-fired firearms.

NIBIN searches for other entries with similar tool marks and thus may have been fired from the same gun. This correlation process creates hit reports that have tactical and strategic uses for law enforcement. Law enforcement investigators can use it to link crimes, which can help to identify suspects. They can also use it to understand patterns of gun crime, such as gun sharing and trafficking.

Describing the parts of a gun.