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Who We Are

The Utah Statewide Information and Analysis Center (SIAC) is one of 80 fusion centers located throughout the U.S. that collaborates with local and federal public safety partners to create information-sharing networks. The SIAC, like other fusion centers, works as an integral conduit to the United States intelligence community, such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and others. The SIAC supports Utah law enforcement with case support, criminal information reports, and threat assessments, focusing on crimes conducted in drug and human trafficking, criminal gangs, cyber threats, terrorism, mass threats of violence, and others.

How We Help Law Enforcement & the Utah Public

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Information Sharing Program

We receive federally generated threat-related information, analyze that information for Utah applications, and disseminate that information for the Utah public safety community, such as law enforcement; then we do the reverse: gather criminal information from Utah law enforcement entities and push it back out to other law enforcement entities as needed.

Law Enforcement Liaison & Intelligence Liaison Officer Programs

The SIAC has a Law Enforcement (LE) Liaison and an Intelligence Liaison Officer (ILO) Program. Both are networks containing hundreds of individual law enforcement officers who communicate with the SIAC on a regular basis. The SIAC aims to have at least one ILO in every law enforcement agency in Utah. ILOs are the criminal intelligence and information conduits who work to identify and share important public safety information with law enforcement departments throughout the state.

Criminal Bulletins and Reports

The SIAC regularly sends attempt-to-locate bulletins, wanted posters, and be-on-the-lookout alerts to various law enforcement agencies and entities to assist in locating criminals. Additionally, the SIAC tracks and writes criminal reports spanning areas such as drug trafficking, cyber attacks, and terrorist threats and sends them to Utah law enforcement to enhance understanding and inform them of criminal threats to the public.

Database & Software Systems Services

SIAC has access to databases and software programs that help law enforcement network, search police reports, track criminal history, map crime hot spots, locate suspects, and solve cases.

Special Event Risk Assessment

Before a special event occurs, the SIAC compiles a report for involved agencies about security procedures, vulnerabilities, and suspicious criminal and terrorist activities to prevent a criminal or terrorist event from happening.

How We Help Utah’s Public & Private Sectors

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Critical Infrastructure Protection Program

Utah’s public and private sectors, organizations, and businesses run our critical energy and communications infrastructures. SIAC analysts are focused on identifying and analyzing evolving threats of criminal development, tactics, and trends to critical infrastructure and networks, particularly focusing on mass-gathering events and venues, life-line infrastructure, such as water, power, and communications, and the theft or destruction of information and computer networks. The SIAC interfaces with those entities who manage emergencies and manmade disasters to provide assessments and support. The evolving threats to infrastructure include cyber threats, acts of terrorism, and pandemics.

If You See Something, Say Something Campaign

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The SIAC is part of the implemented Nationwide SAR Program, which trains law enforcement officers on how to coordinate, develop, and implement a public awareness campaign called “If You See Something, Say Something.” The purpose of the campaign is to inform and enlist the private sectors and general public about how to identify and report suspicious activity in their communities in an effort to mitigate threats of violence and terrorism. The SIAC has compiled behaviors and characteristics that are considered indicators of suspicious or pre-operational terrorist activities based on actions deemed outside of what a normal person would do in certain environments. This suspicious behavior is the trigger for a suspicious activity report. The SIAC urges the public to report suspicious activity to your local police department or to report suspicious activity here. If it is an urgent or life-threatening situation call 911.

Get more information about our SARs program here.

Our Mission

“To serve Utah by providing innovative intelligence that advances response to public safety threats while protecting privacy rights for all.”

Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Protection

All intelligence activities carried out at the SIAC are to be performed within the boundaries established by the United States Constitution, and all Federal, State, Local, and SIAC policies and procedures; all information collected, researched, stored, analyzed, and shared must be done in such as way as to vigilantly uphold the privacy rights and civil liberties granted to United States citizens. SIAC Privacy Policy – 2024 and DPS Automated License Plate Reader Policy

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