Targeted Violence

Preventing targeted acts of violence

Targeted Violence, Terrorism & Threats

The Utah Department of Public Safety remains committed to Keeping Utah Safe. Preventing targeted acts of violence is essential to ensure Utah fulfills its responsibility to create a safe environment for our citizens.

Someone reporting suspicious activity

Suspicious Activity

If someone's behavior doesn't seem quite right, or something seems out of place, please report suspicious activity to "protect your everyday.”

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Image of Utah desert landscape

Suspicious Land Conveyance (County Recorders)

2024’s passage of HB516 requires County Recorders to report suspicious Land Conveyance to the Department of Public Safety.

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People enjoying a special event

Special Events & Critical Infrastructure Protection

The SIAC protects Utah's critical infrastructure and communities through operational support in security, information sharing, incident response, and communication enhancement for special events and vulnerable areas.

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Threat Management

The Threat Management Unit (TMU) proactively prevents and investigates targeted violence and cyber crimes through community engagement, multidisciplinary threat assessment teams, and training, while leveraging collaborative partnerships with federal and local agencies.

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