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Special Events & Critical Infrastructure Protection

SIAC Special Events Program

The Statewide Information & Analysis Center is committed to protecting Utah’s critical infrastructure and communities from targeted acts of violence. In coordination with its local and federal partners, the SIAC works with law enforcement agencies to protect special events and areas considered “soft targets” by providing operational support towards physical and cyber security, information sharing, incident response, overcoming communication barriers, and real time information sharing.

For more information on how to protect special events visit CISA’s website.

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SIAC Special Events Top Resources

  • Coordination of Efforts With Local, State, and Federal Partners
  • Enhanced Statewide Situational Awareness
  • Federal Special Event Assessment Ratings
  • Site Security Assessments
  • Active Shooter Response Training
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting Training
  • Community Awareness Briefings
  • Tripwire Outreach to Private Sector Partners
  • Critical Infrastructure Consultations
  • Pre-event Assessment and Intelligence Products
  • Daily Operational Situation Reports
  • Physical and Cyber Threat Monitoring
  • On-Scene Threat Management Unit Support
  • HSIN Room Operational Support

Additional Resources

Learn about the See Something Say Something initiative. The resource focuses on what patterns of behavior may indicate suspicious activity.

Learn about the warning signs that individuals may exhibit that could indicate they are in need of help, or may pose a threat to others.

Find guidelines for how to prepare an emergency plan in an active assailant situation, and get links to more resources.