Threat priorities overview

A large crowd at an outside concert

Targeted Violence, Terrorism & Threats

The SIAC is dedicated to proactive prevention of targeted violence in Utah, which includes work in threat management, school safety, special events, protective intelligence, and suspicious activity reporting.

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A lock on a computer promoting cyber security

Cyber Crimes & Cyber Security

Cybercrimes and cybersecurity issues continue to be a major threat to the State of Utah and impact its citizens, critical infrastructures, and businesses. The SIAC strives to enhance Utah's cybersecurity posture to help prevent cyber-attacks and scams and mitigate the effects of compromised systems and cybercrime.

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A table full of illegal drugs

Organized Crime

The SIAC focuses on domestic and transnational organized crime activities that impact Utah. The activities include drug trafficking, criminal gangs, and human trafficking/smuggling. Criminal syndicates profit from these activities and as a result Utah is afflicted by drug overdoses, gang violence, gun crimes, and trafficking of people.

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A gun laying on the table surrounded by bullets

Violent Crime

The SIAC plays a pivotal role in the investigation and analysis of violent crime in Utah, which includes work with the Gun Crime Intelligence Center, Cold Cases, and Intimate Partner Domestic Violence.

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